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Our Global Team Member

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Tobias Feige

Creative Director & Copywriter

Tobias is a German advertising specialist, member and juror of the ADC Germany, and experienced on international accounts across many branches. 


He began his advertising career as a copywriter at TBWA, where he discovered his passion for storytelling and automotive clients. In the following 13 years, he gained experience in major agencies such as DDB, Jung von Matt and BBDO, where he became a multiple awarded Creative Director. In his latest engagement, he was appointed co-leader for the BBDO offices in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, before starting to freelance in 2020.


International experience: He has led global market launches for several car models (@BBDO, DDB, LLR) and of Porsche’s Formula E engagement (@Proximity Worldwide), cooperated with the French media network Vivendi (freelance) and worked on the Mercedes-Benz account for Greater China (@BBDO Beijing).


In addition, Tobias has taught copywriting at the Miami Ad School Berlin and is a published short story writer.


Fleetboard (Daimler Group) is THE trouble shooter in a troubled business. And a huge help for logistic companies to drive their goods and plan their trips safer, better, more efficient. This film was produced for the brand relaunch at an international trade fair.

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinki

Agency: Proximity Worldwide


Agency: DDB Tribal Berlin

Agency: BBDO Berlin

 Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf

Agency: Jung von Matt


Agency: BBDO Berlin

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