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Est. 2002


"To empower Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology Companies"

Virtuosity began its journey in 2002, with a vision to empower engineering, manufacturing and technology companies with branding and techno-commercial marketing solutions. Our first client was Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, where we were involved in creating their interactive service manuals & electrical simulations for their SUVs.

"The challenge"

We understand that the challenge for engineering or technology companies is far too complex, unlike retail brands where the products/services could be offered over the counter or a cold call. 

Even for small engineering solutions it is important to convey the manufacturing processes, the quality of their precision engineering. And it is impossible to carry large projects such as pharmaceuticals, energy, chemical plants, dairy, beverages, mining equipment, steel plants or water/waste management.


Hence the entire sales process takes a lot of time and requires patience. Previous success record and project efficiencies mostly control the brand reputation of engineering and technology companies.

Precise, in-depth communication is the backbone of the entire marketing and sales process. Unlike retail brands, engineering or technology companies cannot adopt courtship tactics of fancy decorative brochures or website. Even after registering on trade portals and doing SEO most of these companies often find it difficult to convert their leads into successful sales.

"The solution"

And hence we believe in creating strong techno-commercial content for your brand and marketing needs. Virtuosity specialises in implementing 360-degree solutions for techno-commercial communication on web, print, audio-visual and social media.

Since 2002, Virtuosity has successfully worked for more than 10 verticals including, automotive, automotive testing, bulk and material conveyors, engineering and fabrication, precision gauging, casting, logistics, waste management, electronics, solar energy, information technology, food processing, agro-technologies and healthcare engineering & technologies.

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