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Our Global Team Member

Philip North-Coombes


I travel the world on my assignments, capturing imagery for top international fashion, lifestyle, sport and advertising brands. I have made two BBC documentaries, with Indus films, at Everest base camp-spending 9 weeks there each time. Capturing the life and incidents that occur at an emergency hospital set up for the season. “Everest ER”. I have worked with charities and am an ambassador for 4OceanThe Ocean Foundation and Save wild tigers.

I am fascinated and inspired by the natural world that surrounds us and its preservation. My work has taken me to the stark grandeur of Everest, Siberia, the slums of India, the barren beauty of Iceland, the fragile state of Zimbabwe, the mesmerising landscapes and wildlife of Namibia to the Oceans of Hawaii and the Seychelles.

I combine stills and video to produce uniquely stylish imagery for all media content. Lauded by the British journal of photographers and Association of photographers award winner. “The essence of photography is capturing a moment in time” In the click of the shutter time stands still, telling a story without end.

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