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case study : ORGAUNIC


Orgaunic began as a Brand for premium herbal cosmetics products. Virtuosity played a key role in creating the brand, strategies, deploying various brand elements to finally launching the brand at a major beauty show in Japan on October, 2, 2019. Post consultation and strategy building, following are few facets entire development done for Orgaunic.

Promo Videos for each category were made.
Packaging style were designed for more than 100 products

All the design elements were specially designed in a collapsible form and installed at Japan just one day prior to the show.


We specially designed and engineered channels which could be folded open into floating racks within the expo's structural regulations.

The display system/racks not only looked aesthetically appealing but added more space. Such small but important aspects were considered, planned, designed and executed very smartly by Virtuosity.

Virtuosity has experience in managing and hosting international trade shows for numerous brands.

Launch in Japan
Live training on how to present and interact with clients in Japan
Presentation in Vietnam
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