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Mr. Sunil Bhat
Director Advance AgroRipe Pvt. Ltd.

Consultation is a continuous process while we work with our clients. When we met AgroRipe, they had the manufacturing capabilities but they were finding it difficult to find larger projects. Just rebranding was not going to help. Our techno commercial capabilities helped us to analyse that they were lacking in showcasing all their technologies in the right form. Moreover, they were showcasing just one technology but actually had six in line. We not only decided to rebrand but restructure their technological representation which was going to play crucial role in conversion of large projects.

This a before and after comparison of their brochure. The logo was uniquely developed with arrows in circle going from Green to Yellow representing ripening process. A clean international identity was made keeping in mind cross platform implementation of the brand.


Deep thought and efforts were taken to understand various technologies and translate them into create simplified technology illustrations.


Website was transformed with fresh brand new looks and importantly technical information and diagrams.


The reason we made simplified technology illustration was because we analysed and found that their target audience found it difficult to understand the technology. This was increasing sales cycle time. To reduce the sales cycle time we also created physical models of their technology.


All the efforts paid off when we took AgroRipe for an exhibition event. We went on creating a real miniature working model of one of their products which became the star attraction of the show. AgroRipe quickly gain popularity and were able to close orders for larger projects the same year.

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